Saturday, June 28, 2008

Life in the Kitchen

First thing i need to do is to cook breakfast for the boys,i'm the only "girl" in the Kitchen,so that is literally for the boys(i'm not a breakfast eater).
See how thick and big that beef burger patty is?
Yummy yet fatty..

Here are some of the food that i've prepped this morning..

First the boys breakfast,bacons,rice pilaf and toowoomba pasta sauce(prawns).
Working even on weekends? Yes,because these are the days we are most needed to serve those who are enjoying their weekend off :).


Neri said...

nakakagutom naman 'to! :D

ganyan talaga no, sis.. mas matrabaho pa nga kayo pag weekend. go, girl! ;)

EMCEE said...

yes sis,parang laging fiesta hahaha!
take care kapatid :)