Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dear Friend

I wish to send this letter to a friend of mine who's in a stormy situation in her married life....

Dear Friend,

Right now, you are probably feeling as though someone has either punched you in the stomach or stabbed you in the back -- or even both.

You are not alone.

Thousands of couples every single year suffer from the effects of one or both of the spouses having an affair ... cheating, infidelity, adultery, whatever ... it's all the result of an affair.

And it's an awful thing to go through.

It causes unnecessary pain, hurt and depression, and leaves one or both spouses feeling bewildered and wondering what to do.

And the worst part is that the affair wasn't even necessary in the first place ... it was a mistaken attempt on the cheating spouse's part to find something they thought was missing in their existing relationship.

But here's the most important thing you need to understand: the affair wasn't your fault at all!

That's right -- it's NOT YOUR FAULT.

Sure, you have done some things wrong in your relationship, but you didn't force your spouse to commit adultery-- He CHOSE to do it.

And understanding THAT is the key to unlocking the secret to saving your relationship or marriage if it has been devastated by adultery.

At the end of the day, we all just want to be with someone who loves us -- someone who makes us happy, makes us feel needed, gives us the attention we deserve and someone who we can trust without having to think twice.

And that's not too much to ask for -- it's something we all deserve.

And wish to share this letter to those women who are in the same situation.

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