Monday, June 23, 2008


Never been really to this kind of situation ever. Just so lucky enough to have an ever faithful loving husband,and i thank GOD for that. some women are lucky enough and some are not. Just been interested with this topic having a thought this would help some women out there with the same situation.

A newly found friend of mine rang me up crying few days ago and made me rushed to her place just to find out the reason why, it's her husband cheating on her. The poor lady who has been working to death just to support the family back home been cheated by her jobless husband. A very reliable source rang her up to tell the story. This source apparently saw the husband with the girl inside a restaurant. That so far the story that i could share,i don't want to go far than that though i know the whole story.

Husbands cheat on their wives for many reasons. They could be bored with their lifestyle and feel that they need to do something exciting or they could be having a midlife crisis. The latter is very common as many husbands cheat on their wives when they seem to reach 40 for some reason.

Perhaps it is because they suddenly realize that 40 could possibly be half way through their lives and they need to give their egos a boost. Or perhaps as they reflect back over the past years they may feel that they have not achieved very much out of life. They may not be able to do much about changing their situation at home or to their current lifestyle so they decide to look elsewhere and become a cheating husband.

Cheating husbands always think that the grass is greener on the other side of the hill - just like to three billy goat gruffs did! For some reason they think that something is or has been missing from their lives or they feel that they have not fulfilled all their hopes, dreams or ambitions throughout their lives so far. So now is the time to try and change all this by cheating on their wives and they may achieve some of the goals that were missed over the years.

Cheating husbands looking for attention often go to night clubs to meet new girlfriends as this is a way of seeing and chatting to prospective dates. Once a cheating husband has lined up a date then all that is left to do is to escape from home to be with his new girlfriend. Escaping from home however is only a minor matter as he can use the excuse to work late or arrange business meetings.

The cheating husband may wish to go on holiday with his new found girlfriend and finding an excuse may not be necessary as if he has a circle of lads that he regularly goes around with then he has the ideal opportunity to say that he is going away with them.

Sometimes cheating husbands will stray for a few months but they soon realize that they really do miss their family and would very much like their old lifestyle back. Should their wife be willing to take them back then they are very lucky to be forgiven,then that is the BIG question. Although it must be remembered that once a cheating husband has strayed he may be liable to cheat again later on in life whenever he feels the urge to boost his ego again!

Should a cheating husband not be forgiven by his wife then he stands to lose a great deal. There is his family for a start to consider and existing friends may not now stand by him. His whole life may need to be uprooted to accommodate his new situation. He may not only lose family and friends but also work colleagues that nay not see his cheating on his wife as a favorable decision. He may become so unhappy with life that he may have to consider leaving the area to which he used to call his home and move away and start afresh in an unfamiliar territory. This could end up being a very costly mistake both emotionally and financially and cheating husbands should consider very carefully the implications of cheating on their wives before committing themselves to an affair.

Whatever reason a guy may have,it is not reason enough to betray the wife. If so, why get married then? Advise? Well,what can i say.. I've never been to that situation. All i can give as a friend is my presence during these kind of trials and prayers( the most powerful one).


Neri said...

i hope i won't be in that situation. (i dread it though.) swerte ka, sis, ke hubby. madalang yan. ;)

well i asked that question sometime ago to my married male officemates. and what did they answer? they said it was normal. i don't want to believe it but they are convinced that it's perfectly normal for guys to feel that way. they said it was the lost of excitement and mystery in a relationship. or the male instinct to hunt.

i asked them, but do you love your wives? of course, they did. that's why they're married. i don't get them. i'm a hopeless romantic e. i still believe that there's a faithful guy out there for me. :D

EMCEE said...

i'll pray,you'll find one sis!
wag ka maniwala sa mga yun,sus yan talagang mga lalake hehehe!
jinajustify lang nila ginagawa nila,hmp!
pero true meron pa din talagang faithful husband,
eto living proof si hubby,
sana sis katulad ni hubby ma hook mo hehe!
pero seriously..
i'll pray for you,
Godbless :)