Monday, August 11, 2008

The Filipino Channel

Yes, my cable connection hasn't been fixed yet, hubbs did his best but the signal is really low huhuhu! Really, TFC (The Filipino Channel) is a BIG thing to me. Its helps me lessen my Homesickness and updates me with the latest News, Gossips, Trends, etc from the Philippines and makes me feel like i'm home! Tomorrow i'll try to call up Customer Service and ask for some advice and which best thing they could suggest just to get the connection back, sigh! Hope everything would turn out well tomorrow, Now i really need you all guys to wish me the BEST of LUCK!


Mommy Liz said...

wahhhh!! you don't have your TFC hooked up yet? I am sorry to hear that..Well, you might just miss one or 2 episodes of whatever that you're watching. I wish we can have that here in TN, but I don't have Direct TV, so I can't..It's Ok though..all our TVs are tuned on all cartoon channels anyways..When the day is over, can't watch TV since I need to cook, clean, get the kids ready for bed, and I'm exhausted, hehehe.. just be patient and you will get your TFC back in no time..
by the way, what's with the monkey slippers? hahaha, just kidding..

Anonymous said...

I am new here to sydney from Manila pls tell me how i can get TFC

EMCEE said...

yes sis, i'll surely do my best to get the connection back,i rang them up this morning and asked for some alternative but it's a bit expensive than the one before,doesn't matter as long as i can get it back,sigh! that's life abroad,expensive!
Anyways,with the monkeys..
Just want to keep that big smile despite what's happening,God is very good and i should count all the blessings and be thankful :)
Have a great week sis and Godbless.

Mayumie said...

Oh.. I want to have TFC connection too but I am just waiting for this FOXTEL to end.


EMCEE said...

hay naku sis,still waiting for the approval pa rin d2 s building if allow kmi install un dish namin,if ever di din maapprove cguro i'll switch nlng din s foxtel hay....