Sunday, August 10, 2008


Moving, really hard especially here because we don't have any relatives around to help us unlike in the Philippines. Hard in my case as i didn't hire any Moving Services, the only bulky thing we needed to bring in was the Washing Machine, good thing Pat is there and has a Pick up Truck. Yes thanks to Pat, Shaun and Dwight who voluntarily helped us! Now we need to spend all our savings buying new Furnitures and Appliances, because the one before was semi furnished. My big problem now is my Cable Connection(The Filipino Channel), God i can't live without it! In this new building, we're not allowed to nail or drill anything on the wall(inside and outside). We're not working today so hubbs promise to do his best to fix it(Hope it will,fingers crossed!). I'll keep you all posted, Wish me luck guys! :)


kaycee said...

hi sis, well done sa successful move. I know moving is never easy but now you're down to do the exciting bit - decorating!
I hope your cable connection get sorted straight away. And hope to see photos when you're finished with the decorating.
Wish you lovely memories sa new home nyo! =D

MaxiVelasco said...

hello. first time to visit your blog today.

anyway, i hope everything's fixed already and that you aren't so stressed on your new home.

take care!

EMCEE said...

To Kayce,
Thanks sis! yeah,that's what excites me most decorating the house,i'll let you see it when i'm done,thanks! mwah! :)

EMCEE said...

hi Mary Anne,
Thanks for the visit and leaving a nice comment,see you around! :)

Mommy Liz said...

Moving indeed is not an easy task. For 7 years, we moved 4 times and everytime we moved, we lose furnitures. We came from South Korea last March 2007 and hopefully, we ain't moving anymore..It's exhausting and very costly..and you're right, without family to help you, you're on your own..
Well, unpacking is another story..Goodluck and take it easy..
Have a great week to you all..

EMCEE said...

Yes Mom of four, the packing and unpacking is the hardest, hope you wont be moving anymore, in my case for sure we'll still will, hope the next one will be our own house already :)

Anonymous said...

goodluck with moving sis! :D sana maayos na din soon ung TFC nyo..yan din ang favorite panoorin ni Furious, pareho kayo.. we both wish all the best!