Saturday, August 2, 2008

Manage your Shape during Winter

These are some of the stuff that i keep in my Fridge

Winter is about to end in a Month time and here comes Spring, but still
Spring here is unpredictable with alternating warm, rain, windy and cold days.
I really hate the weather here in Australia, we enjoy hot weather for only
three short Months. Unlike in the Philippines we enjoy Summer almost the
Whole Year Round! Love Summer! I can't wait until Summer comes(December
till February, 5 more months to go,sigh).

Here are some helpful Tips that i've gathered:

Instead of giving up your exercise regime and healthy eating plan this winter, aim to maintain it during the cooler months — this will make managing your weight a whole lot easier.

Follow this five-step plan

1. Maintain a healthy, balanced diet

Base your daily diet on the five food groups:

  • Bread, cereals, rice, pasta, noodles

  • Vegetables, legumes and fruit

  • Low fat milk, yoghurt and cheese

  • Meat, fish poultry, eggs and nuts.

  • 2. Include fibre and protein

    Eating a diet high in fibre or protein can help you to feel fuller for longer. Fibre can be found in wholegrains, breads, cereals, nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables while protein can be found in lean meat, chicken, fish, low-fat dairy products, nuts, seeds and legumes.

    3. Look out for comfort eating

    Identify if you are enjoying lots of extra treats throughout your day. Are you always snacking on sweet biscuits or cake at morning tea? Or do you sit on the couch at night eating chocolate? Both these eating habits make it harder for you to manage your weight, so limit the frequency and amount of "treat" food you eat.

    4. Maintain hydration

    Some times we can confuse hunger with thirst and we reach for a sweet treat instead of a glass of water — the afternoon sugar craving is a perfect example. When you feel like snacking on something sugary, have a couple of glasses of water and wait 15 minutes before reaching for the treat. You may not need it after all.

    5. Keep moving

    Keep up the active lifestyle you had in summer. It is recommended to include at least 30 minutes of exercise on most, preferably all days of the week (this includes winter too). Get a training partner for winter so you can push each other to maintain your health and fitness.

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kaycee said...

Wow, mega healthy! thanks sis. I'll take these on board!