Thursday, July 31, 2008

Permanent Residency Approval

Wow! I can't explain how happy i am right now, after reading this letter i felt

like i was shaking, teary eyed, laughing(parang naloloka!). I really can't

explain the Feelings, what i'm sure is i'm very happy.

After the long wait, after all the stress and worries. Finally!

It has been Granted, The First thing that came to my mind was to Thank the

LORD, for He is the reason of every Blessings we're enjoying right now. Call my

Husband came after(he's at work), We've worked together to make this

possible, comfort each other when we're feeling like we wanted to give up

because of the hardships and trials while completing all the Documents.

Not to mention the Financial difficulties we've encountered just to make

this happen. Lastly informed my Nanay, my Tatay,

my Brothers and Sister in law.

Here's how the Letter goes....


File Number:-----------
Client Id:-----------
Application Number:----------

Mr ----- ----- ------

Dear Mr ----- ----- ------

I refer to your application for the 856 Employer Nomination visa sub-class.

I am pleased to advise you that your application has been approved. The
following persons included in your application were granted a permanent
visa on 31 July 2008:

1.----- ----- ------, 11/09/19--
2.----- -------- ------, 27/07/19--
3.------ --- -----, 03/09/1990

The permanent visa that you have been granted includes a return travel
facility which allows you to travel in and out of Australia as a permanent
resident for a period of five years from the date it was granted. As your
passport is not held in this office your visa label has not been issued at
this time. The grant of the visa may be evidenced at any office of
Immigration upon presentation of this letter and your valid passport.

Resident Return Visa (RRV)

Once the initial permission to travel and return to Australia ceases, you
will need to apply for a Resident Return Visa (RRV) if you wish to travel
overseas and return to Australia as a permanent resident. An RRV is the
label that is placed in your passport which identifies you as a permanent
resident at immigration clearance on return to Australia. It is evidence
of your permission to enter Australia after absences overseas and to resume
residence. Eligibility for an RRV is generally based on the amount of time
you have spent in Australia as a permanent resident, although there are
some concessions for people who cannot meet the residential requirements.
If you depart Australia without an RRV, or it expires while you are
overseas and you are not eligible for a further RRV, you will lose your
right to return to Australia as a permanent resident.
Australian Citizenship

The eligibility requirements for Australian Citizenship changed on 1 July
2007. For further information you can read about current eligibility
requirements at:

Centrelink Payments

As you know, new migrants to Australia must wait two years before they can
receive most social security income support payments. "Income support" is
government welfare assistance that is enough to live on. The payments with
a waiting period include unemployment and sickness benefits, Austudy income
support payments for students and a number of other payments.

Special Benefit is the only form of government welfare assistance which
might be payable to people during the two year waiting period. However,
special benefit is only available to new migrants on a very restricted
basis - that is, if there has been a substantial change in circumstances
beyond the person's control. Inability to find employment or running out
of money are not sufficient reasons to qualify for Special Benefit.

The two year waiting period does not apply to Refugees and Humanitarian
entrants and their immediate family members (partners and dependent
children). Permanent visa holders who are immediate family members
(partners and dependent children) of Australian citizens, or of people who
have been permanent residents for at least two years, are exempt from the
waiting period for some payments.

Information on the waiting period is included in the form 'Settlement
information for migrants to Australia' (form 994I). For further
information you can also telephone Centrelink, the agency that makes social
security payments, on 13 2468 from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a
local call.

You can also call Centrelink's Multilingual Telephone Information Service
which can give you information in your own language about social security
payments. This service can be contacted from anywhere in Australia, for
the cost of a local call on 13 1202.

Medicare Health Services

Migrants generally have immediate access to Medicare health services. If
you would like further information on Medicare, including the nearest
centre to register for assistance, you can ring 13 2011 from anywhere in

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you well for your future in

Yours sincerely

Parramatta Business Centre

I know Thanking GOD wouldn't be enough for all these Blessings,

Let me share my Blessings by sharing the Website to those who wants to

Migrate, Study or Work here in Australia.

Click HERE and Good Luck!


Lechelle said...

hi, congrats po....we're very happy for you, ingats po

EMCEE said...

Thanks po ng marami!

Take care and Godbless,mwah! :)

kaycee said...

Congrats sis!!! I'm mega happy for you =)

EMCEE said...

Thanks sis! I wish urs will turn out well too,Godbless! :)

Anonymous said...

sis congrats!!! i'm happy for you too, to the highest level!!! :D Godbless you and your family always!

EMCEE said...

Thanks sis!
Good Luck din po sa inyo 2 ni Furious,
and have a safe trip going to
Melbourne! :)