Tuesday, July 29, 2008


My Son's Workplace

We needed to rush here to be able to come on time to pick up our son.

We(my hubbs and I) celebrated my Birthday yesterday just us two.

though my Real Birthday was last Sunday,

we didn't get the chance to celebrate coz we both worked,

anyways we always don't get to celebrate our Birthdays on the day itself

unless it falls on our day off,unfortunately my Son

worked yesterday(that's why he's so jealous hehe!poor him!).

We ate out of course Yum Cha na naman coz it's hubbs favorite,

We needed to check out some new Furnitures we might need before moving

into a New House. Went for some Grocery Shopping as well, it was a Great Day

though it was just like our usual weekly date. The day was great because

after picking him up from work we continued on strolling around(super gala!).

Not only yesterday, everyday is Great and everyday is my Birthday, having

both of them around is Great enough and Blessing enough that i couldn't ask

for more. Thanks to all my relatives and friends who never fail to remember

my Birthday, thanks to my sweet sis Ner for

remembering my birthday really appreciate you sis!

I thank GOD for the endless joy he's giving me and my Family!


kaycee said...

Happy birthday! sis. Wishing you all the best today & always =)

kaycee said...

Happy birthday! sis. Wishing you all the best today & always =)

EMCEE said...

thanks sis! same here,take care and Godbless. :)

Merlynthemagical said...

Happy birthday to you.

EMCEE said...


Outback-Pinay said...

Happy Birthday to you sis. More blessings to come :-)


EMCEE said...

Thank sis!
wish u well and Godbless! :)