Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Favorite Dish

We often eat Hiyashi-Chuka in hot summer.

In summer we come to lose appetite, but

Hiyashi-Chuka is very light with vinegared

soy sauce, i highly recommend this dish, soooo yum!


Chinese noodle

1 cucumber

2 eggs

1 tomatoes

8 sliced ham

2Tbs sesame oil

2Tbs vinegar

1Tbs soy sauce

1Tbs Mirin

How to make

(1) Make thin omelette like golden thread.

Beat the eggs, heat the pan, and add oil and very low heat. Pour in a small amount of egg and spread evenly and slightly.

(2)Cut ham and cucumber in 2-3cm thin stripes.

(3)Slice tomatoes.

(4)Mix 2Tbs sesame oil, 2Tbs vinegar,1Tbs soy sauce, and 1Tbs Mirin.

(5)Pour in enough boiling water to Chinese noodles and stir it with chopsticks for 10 minutes until Chinese noodles tender not soft.

(6)When Chinese noodle is tender, drain Chinese noodle thoroughly and rinse in cold water until Chinese noodle is cold.

(7)Serve the Chinese noodle on cold individual serving plates and over eggs, cucumber, and ham. Garnish with tomatoes and with the sauce poured over.

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