Friday, June 13, 2008

Colors on my Face

The colors on my face,i use an oil free foundation light beige from THE FACE SHOP,a light beige oil free pressed powder from THE FACE SHOP,i use color nuance from THE FACE SHOP for my cheeks,for my eyes i use eyebrow pencil dark brown from RIMMEL,my eyeliner sapphire glimmer from MAYBELLINE the line stylish one,freshian volumizing mascara from THE FACE SHOP for my eyelashes,and for my lips i dont use lipstick i just use lipgloss from THE FACE SHOP as well,and lastly my eyeshades, i use gold pearl pink,apple green,the other 2 says PK102 and BL601 on the label but its blue and pink by the way,from THE FACE SHOP as well,u may noticed most of the stuff im using is from THE FACE SHOP,know why?not only because im patronizing our own coz it comes from the philippines,but the main reason is this just a piece of advise to asian women who loves make up like me,as we all know most asian women are "baby face" as others may say,i used to buy my make up here in AUSTRALIA just last year and i noticed that i easily get rashes and my face easily gets irritated,and it gets dry as well,dryness is the major cause of facial lines so i decided to just get back to my old make up from the philippines which is hypoallergenic and good for asian skin.

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