Friday, November 14, 2008

You're My Friend Tag!

Thanks to my Sis Ner for this Friendship Tag.

This is a "FRIENDSHIP OFFERING" with someone whom you know, would like to know and would like to be friend with.

The mechanics of this is to copy and paste the image in your blog, link back the person who tag you and share or spread this friendship badge to 7 or more bloggers that you knew or think you are friends with.

Been very lazy blogging lately,maybe because of tiredness. But because of this Tag from one of my Favorite Sister here in the blogosphere,i needed to find time (parang napilitan ba hehehe,joke lang). Kidding aside, I am really so touched and happy that i do really have friends here though we don't know each other personally, You're my Friend and I am your Friend period hehehe! Now I'm passing this on to you guys though we doesn't know each other personally, We know in our hearts we are Friends,naks! Kaycee, Enday, Fab, Lechelle, Vicy, Mariz and Ner Tagging u back coz you're one of them! :)

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