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Port Macquarie

New South Wales North Coast

Flynns Beach, Port Macquarie, New South Wales North Coast
Flynns Beach at Port Macquarie on the NSW North Coast

If you're traveling on Highway 1 between Sydney and Brisbane, you'll find the attractive waterside town of Port Macquarie just about four and a half hours north of Sydney.

Of course, with rest stops and detours to local attractions along the way, it could take as long as six hours getting there. It all depends on how you travel.

Generally considered Australia's first resort town, having become a popular holiday destination at around the time of Federation in 1901, Port Macquarie is not only a stopover place on the Sydney-Brisbane route but it has retained its attraction as a holiday destination in its own right.

Temperate weather

The weather is fairly temperate, neither too warm in summer nor too cold in winter, and this area of the New South Wales North Coast is particularly attractive to lovers of water sports and leisure activities.

Port Macquarie lies south of the mouth of the Hastings River and faces the Pacific in the east. You could run out of fingers on both hands trying to count its many attractive beaches.

From north and south

If driving from Sydney, take the Newcastle Freeway all the way north (bypassing the Newcastle city centre) until you hit the New England Highway which runs roughly east to west. Turn right on the New England Highway until you reach the point where the New England Highway joins the Pacific Highway and there are signs at an intersection pointing the way north to Raymond Terrace and Taree. This is the continuation of the Pacific Highway heading north. Cross the Hexam Bridge, follow the Pacific Highway past Taree until you see the Oxley Highway intersection. Turn right on Oxley Highway all the way to Port Macquarie. The trip from Hexam Bridge to Port Macquarie should take about two and a half hours.

If coming from Brisbane, enter Port Macquarie from the turnoff on Hastings River Dr. (The trip south from Brisbane is longer 7mdash; about seven hours — than the trip north from Sydney.)

Train, bus or plane

If you had taken the train, you'd need to get off at Wauchope and take the Oxley Highway east across the Pacific Highway (Highway 1) to Port Macquarie. It should take just about 20 minutes to get there.

McCafferty's and Greyhound buses pass through Port Macquarie from either Sydney or Brisbane.

If going by air, there are regular flights to Port Macquarie Airport.

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