Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crab Mentality

That guy to your left, that's Eman and very proud to say he is my Family's

Best Friend here in Australia.

Very proud because it's so hard to find a Real Friend especially when you're

in a Foreign Land.

I'm sure most of us who's living outside of the country could attest to that.

It just saddens me that away from home instead of us filipinos help each other

and love each other, our own Fellow filipino will pull us down.

Yes, Crab Mentality! is very much present here.

Having so many unpleasant experiences dealing with Fellow filipinos

disappoints me so much,

Old Settler or New Settler? Both.

With all the good things one can possibly do, why do a number of Filipinos

chose to downplay other people? Misery loves company, but how can more be

merrier in misery?

For those of you who've read all my entries, remember that

blogthing about

What English speaking Country are you? I gave a try and it turned out to be

Australia and said there is a strange feeling that i don't.

Really, I don't feel i belong here because that is contagious and i don't want

to be one of them,

Though not saying all of them but most of them.

A piece of advise to those who are planning and aspiring to settle down abroad,

Just be very careful and selective when choosing your Friend and the people

you're going to trust.

Lucky enough still to find some true Friend(and Eman is one of them) despite

of that FACT.


Mayumie said...

I really hate kapwa Pinoy pulling each other down. That's how it goes here abroad and it is very depressing to think about it.

Just passing by here sis :-) Tc always and don't mind them na lang. Masisira araw mo nyan :-) SMile na lang.

Outback Pinay

EMCEE said...

korek ka jan sis! kahit san cguro mron gnyan kya ingat nlng tyo plgi,tke care sis and Godbless u too! :)